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Looking Out The Window, Drinking My Vitamins

3 PM and I’ve got my tights pulled up to my belly button.

It’s one of those lazy Sundays where I have to tell my partner we have a perfectly good LAUNDRY SINK (instead of the kitchen sink) to wash our dirty, spiderweb-filled buckets.

It scares me to think of how he cleans the house when I’m not around.


The lovely Statue of Liberty has a head!


I started this painting ages ago, in place of another painting, that I was… painting for a friend. She really loved the Eagle I made for my partner’s Birthday and asked for one of her own.

The Eagle In Question

So I started to paint her a picture she took on holidays in Venice, but I got so overwhelmed with the detailing that I sort of gave up.


I do plan on finishing it, but the Statue of Liberty (again, another photo she took while on holidays) seemed like an easier, quicker option.

Months later…

Anyway, it’s my artistic goal now, to finish that painting. She has probably forgotten about even asking me – golly, I am hopeless sometimes. I wish she’d asked me for Gluten-Free Choc Chip cookies instead! Any excuse to make cookies!

The house still smells like burnt toast. We think it may have made its way into the fabrics, because airing out the rooms isn’t really doing anything and it’s so strong that even in the office it smells like the burnt pot is right next to me. I’ve resorted to buying some chemical spray that is supposed to “destroy odour.” I hate using chemicals but there’s not much else to do – unless someone out there has any tips?

I have my singing lesson in little over an hour. I don’t really want to go but I do feel better after belting out a few tunes. The mucus in my throat is a bit of a problem though.

Either way, I have to stop drinking liquid or this stomach is going to explode!



3 thoughts on “Looking Out The Window, Drinking My Vitamins

  1. I’ve missed your beautiful artwork! Really. I mean, I should have guessed if you could sketch as beautifully as you do, your paintings must be out of this world – which they are!

    For the smell, try boiling citrus (especially oranges or grapefruit) peelings and the natural oils should help clear that right now! Add sprigs of sweet mint or lemon thyme for an extra zing!

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