Not A…

Today has been rather productive so far, considering its start.

I found it really hard drag myself out of bed but I finally made it out by 9 or 9:30. My partner still lay there and I thought I was doing him a favour by letting him sleep more, but no! I was supposed to do what his alarm clocks did not! I even talked to him twice when I was out and moving around, but he claimed he didn’t remember!

My stomach wasn’t going to be happy with anything I put in there, so I just had some GF toast. Then I sat down at my desk to get lost in a sea of YouTube videos.

Lunch came and went – boring sausages with boring broccoli – and back to boring, boring on the boring. I still have the remains of a flu so, generally not feeling too great.

Anyway, you get the idea. Not a “this will go down in history” kind of day.

That was until I came across a YouTube personality who does fashion and make-up, but the video I clicked on was an apartment tour… and it really made me want to clean my house!

I’ve always kind of felt like where I had all my stuff around my desk, and my recording equipment for music, wasn’t working. I never feel inspired to create because there were always cords in the way, I’d have to move this to get to that, so I did a big swap and now it feels much better! (Ironically, I set my desk up after the move in accordance with Feng Shui!)

That then gave me the energy to go to the supermarket and grab a few things, which I wanted to do this morning.

And now I’m back with my Peppermint tea, burps that smell like sausages, and the enthusiasm to do something else creative. I think the trick is to pick just one room or even just a corner of that room, and just go for it!


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