Here We Are Again

My eye isn’t as bad today, the swelling has gone down and it doesn’t hurt that much to touch, it’s just started to get really, REALLY itchy! Of course I can’t scratch it, and we all know how hellish that is.

I’m going to see the doctor – it’s a bit of a bummer he won’t have seen it in it’s most swelled and sore stage, but hopefully he’ll know what to do. I will also ask what medications I’ve tried for my anxiety because I always forget – I’m considering my options, and wondering if I should try a “when I need it” pill. We’ll see.

I cannot believe it’s Monday again! When did that happen? Unfortunately Mondays is when I organised to “jam” with a friend for music – something I was really looking forward to. Oh well, next time!

Don’t you hate when you put something in a “safe place” and then completely forget where that safe place is? I stored away a $100 gift card when we moved house and now I have absolutely no idea where it is!


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