To Medicate Or Not To Medicate, That Is The Question

I need your help!

On the way home tonight after picking my partner up from work, he said something that was rather hurtful.

“You could finally live your life!”

We were having a discussion about anxiety and medication after I told him a story regarding a young woman, anxiety medication and a car accident/insurance claim.

Things got heated rather quickly.

My points were:

a) I am doing okay without it – sure, my way of recovering is a little slower, but I’m hoping the benefits will be long term, and;

b) I don’t want my body to become addicted to or rely on a substance to balance it out. I’ve heard that for some people missing one dose can mess things up royally.

He came back with “that’s what they said at the course I went on, but think about how much your life would improve, not on the negative.”

My feelings were a little bruised at this stage. Was everything I had been through, everything I had done, been for naught? I walked around the shopping center not really knowing how to feel.

My usual reaction to this type of talk is, “yeah, well, you’ll see! I can do anything! Nothing’s going to stop me and I’ll make you eat your words” but it’s a very internal monologue. I am glad I had that running through my head; it was a great way to avoid going straight for the chocolate. We were even in the chocolate isle and I thought, “nope, nope, none, I must prevail!”

So I’m a little bit torn.

If you are someone out there who does take medication for their mental health, I would like to know your experiences, how you do on the tablets, and if it has helped the quality of your life by great leaps and bounds.

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9 thoughts on “To Medicate Or Not To Medicate, That Is The Question

  1. I am now on medication for multiple things but there is one thing I can tell you I hear over and over again no matter the prescription or diagnosis: it takes time. Up to six months with some doctors. You may or may not notice it doing anything for or against you for up to six months.

      1. I have only just started anxiety medications two weeks ago and the medication for my Bipolar Disorder (I have been taking a mood stabilizer for two months now) is supposed to take care of it, too. But in short? Yes and no. Little things are no where near as bad, but the big stuff is still a super trigger.

      2. Fair enough. That’s what I’m trying to tell my partner – I no longer have trouble with the smaller stuff and of course the larger stuff, or things I’ve never done before, might trigger a reaction.

  2. I take xanax for my anxiety. It’s an as needed drug, which for me personally if a lot better than long term medication. the type of medication you use is really up to what type of anxiety you suffer from and how your body handles it. I’ve been on longer term stuff in the past and it always made me feel like i was looking at life through a filter that was dulling everything. I never felt fully involved with my day to day.

      1. Sometimes it will make me sleepy. It’s very calming and just generally relaxing. If I’m really anxious about a situation I’m going into I take it before hand I can still function but I don’t have the racing heart and jittery behavior and everything.

  3. I took Paxil for a year for my social anxiety and I have become pretty anti-drug. There are some severe cases that warrant it but (at least in the US) there is a problem with over-prescribing.
    My suggestion to anyone considering going on MH medication (especially for anxiety) is to try therapy and ask for coping methods instead. Accepting and understanding that you will never be comfortable in certain situations helps also.
    I wish I hadn’t rushed into the whole medication thing. Maybe you will have a different experience though? Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

    1. Yeah, I have been dealing with it naturally for a long time. I’ve only tried a handful of medications and they only seemed to make things worse.
      I was hoping there was one to help with symptoms when they came on very strong. I saw my doctor today and he gave me something, so hopefully it might help for the big things?
      Thanks for your message, means a lot!

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