Everyone Has Their Two Cents, Don’t They

I deleted my last post about how frustrated I was with the programs I’d been using for creating movies. Seems I wasn’t quite clear on what my issue was.

In my head I knew what I was on about but I forget that once you post something to the Internet everyone can tell you all the things you already know as if you are some kind of dunce.

I thought about replying “I know” to each comment (there were around 7) but I really couldn’t be bothered. Yes, I know that Mountain Lion isn’t the latest operating system, but it’s the last one I had to buy in order to upgrade my computer fully and I forgot about installing Mavericks. Yes, I know that my issue is with the software and not with the operating system, I just didn’t think before I typed. That post was more about getting my frustrations out after losing almost two hours of work, not really about structuring a well thought-out thesis.

Everyone knows you should never argue on the Internet.

I don’t have the energy today. I seem to have come down with a cold or the flu. I could feel it creeping in last night, at the back of my throat. I woke up in the early morning with my nose running like a tap, my throat too hoarse and dry to swallow without pain, and one side of my head feeling like it’s trapped in a vice.

On the plus side though, at least with this cold/flu my allergies aren’t playing up (or aren’t noticeable!)


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