Is That What A Vaccine Is?!

So yesterday my partner came home from work and showed me the bump on his arm:

“I got a free flu shot today,” he said, “now I have a little lump on my arm: feel!”

So I felt, and what I saw with my fingers was one of those little band aids – you know the ones you get after a blood test. I thought he knew but when he took off his shirt he was all surprised: “Oh! That’s why there’s a bump!”

As the night went on, he started complaining that his throat felt as if he was catching something. He has had a sore throat for the past week or so – which we think is from the surgery he had last year – but this was different.

So I gave him a few things I thought would help, and we jumped into bed (rather late, I might add) and got ready to sleep. However, I couldn’t because I was frozen. My feet are either like ice before I sleep or they are so hot they are on fire. Either way, I can’t fall asleep.

I tried my best to ignore it but you know how difficult it is to sleep when you’re uncomfortable. My partner got up to take some more cold/flu tablets and I made a hot water bottle.

As we settled back into bed, my partner was scared he was coming down with something.

“Well, you did get a flu vaccine,” I said.

“Yeah, the lady said I might get ‘flu-like symptoms’.”

I can’t remember exactly how we got to this, but I found myself saying;

“You do know what the shot is, right? They put the tiniest bit of the flu in the vaccine so your immune system knows what it is and can make antibodies if you ever catch the real thing.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. That’s what a vaccine is.”

“So I could get sick?”

“It’s highly unlikely, but it can happen.”

“Why have I been getting this all these years? I just get it ’cause it’s free! I didn’t know they actually put the flu in there!”

“Yep. That’s how your body knows what it is.”

He told me to “blog about it” so, I’m not trying to diss my partner. He rarely ever gets sick, and even if he does it can literally take him a day and night to get over something that would have me sick for a week or more. He is my official “food tester” because if something starts to upset his stomach, it’s sure-as-sh*t going to upset mine.

He got up for work today feeling about the same as last night. I told him he didn’t have to go if he was unwell, but my partner pushes through everything. I just thought it was interesting how he didn’t know what happened with vaccines, but, like he said, he’ll take anything that’s free!


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