Boredom Eating

In Eastern medicine, there is a metaphor for how to stay healthy.

It is to eat life, absorb all the good things you need to grow and flourish and expel the waste.

Recently I’ve jumped back into eating all the time. Even though I’m not hungry, even if I’ve just eaten a plate full of food, even when I may expel food out my mouth-hole at any second.

I thought a lot about it and one thing that’s on par with this eating ho-ha is my waking life – and the fact that nothing is happening in it.

I’m not eating anything in life, I’m not experiencing, I’m not living, and so I think to compensate I’m shoving things into my body.

This is what I think they call “boredom eating”.

I think the most exciting thing I’ve done since moving is go shopping for meat for the next three days.

I’m agitated. Frustrated. Unable to make choices. To make matters worse, it’s starting to cool down so my body is starting to hibernate. I can’t feel my toes.

What to do? How to feel more connected to life?


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