We Should Be Finished By Tomorrow

Saturday night.

Number of takeaway lunches/dinner consumed: 5 or 6

Number of bags sitting in the garage: at least 20

Number of weeds I pulled out of the garden this afternoon: too many to count

I really do hope what my partner said is true, that we will be finished by tomorrow.

I was a little annoyed with my bundle of muscles, because he spent most of the day (after the garage sale) playing a new online game at the old house. I was completely exhausted when I got there to check my emails and what have you, but seeing the state of the place had me worried.

So I took to the outside patio area – removed all the weeds, swept, moved stuff into the garage, cleaned out the bird’s portable cage ready for them to come home with us tomorrow.

After about an hour I felt frustrated. There was still so much to do and yet here my partner was, sitting in front of a computer screen, oblivious to the situation.

I said something and thankfully he jumped off and we went out to grab some food.

Tell you what, I am looking forward to a home-cooked meal!!! I’m pretty sick of takeaways. I’m also starting to feel quite sick; my left knee is swollen and my nose has a sore inside again.

At the moment I’m reading up on cockroaches. We had a bit of a problem at the last place, and as much as we checked everything we brought over, one just surprised me on the lounge.

I’d like to keep this place as clean as possible so the same situation doesn’t happen again.

Well, sweet dreams to everyone. I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow morning!

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