A Puppy!

Garage sale a success!

We were even visited by a dog, who didn’t have an owner. I kept an eye on him and called the pound who took a little while to turn up. He was very friendly and up for a play, but he was quite big so he almost knocked me off my feet.

Thankfully he was tagged so when the pound people showed up they were able to find out where he lived – turned out to be just down the street.

We could have let him wander, but if it was my dog I’d want someone to help him out. Besides, it was awesome to play with a puppy again.

We still need to move a lot of stuff inside the new house, and get stuff out of the backyard at the old place, but it’s pretty much done.

My partner is currently playing a new game at the old place cause he needs the internet. I miss Monkey.

Oh well, back to it!


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