Rainy Friday

This week hasn’t been very kind to us at all. We’re trying to move but it just keeps on raining!

I have a very painful bruise on my knee – you’d think with all the swelling in it right now I couldn’t get one.

Both my partner and I literally dragged ourselves into bed last night, and after a quick chat an hug, he went to sleep while I lay there unable to ignore every muscle that ached.

Eventually I think I just passed out.

On the way back from dropping my partner off at work this morning, and ambulance went rushing past me. As I pulled up at the lights I saw, just down the road, some flashing lights.

Gotta be careful in the rain people! I think getting to wherever you’re going just a tad later is better than getting yourself in a wreck.

I just had a thought – paramedics probably hate rainy days. Not just because of the crashes but they have to work in it. So, a quick thanks to all those life savers out there.

After I sit here and eat my toast I’m not sure what I should do. I guess I’ll just stare at my beautiful flowers.


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