30 minutes later

The bed is finally ready to go!

I’ve had another doosey of a day. I’ve only now, after 10:30, been able to sit on my butt and rest.

My muscles are beginning to tighten and cramp and I literally can’t face the other house!

My partner and I were so exhausted that we ordered an entree, 4 mains and rice at a Chinese restaurant and we ate it all!

I finally understand why exercise is good for anxiety. After two days of wearing myself out I just don’t care enough to be worked up about anything.

I did thinks without overthinking it, engaged in “normal” conversation with my partners friends, as if they were my own…

…the only problem was over-tired = no sleep. I mean literally, did not get an ounce of shut eye all night. I’m hoping I will tonight since I will be in a proper bed.

Oh, and wanna see some anniversary flowers?
(I’m sorry if this ends up all wrong but wordpress via iPhone isn’t very user friendly when it comes to pictures.)



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