Tonight We Are Dreaming

It’s night time and all is quiet (except next door, they are having some kind of shindig.)

For two people who have to move out of a house in 6 days, we are pretty terrible at getting our act together.

Also, I think a pimple is trying to make it’s way through my chin-skin towards the daylight.

I am alone tonight but I love it. I just wish I knew what to do with myself. I could pack but that seems boring and too much work.

Speaking of work, it was quiet for a Saturday. Once again I made it through a whole shift so I think I’ve pretty much proven to my superiors that I am awesome, and they no longer need to look at me as if I am a wounded animal.

Now I must a-way. Bed is calling my name softly, inviting me to lay my head down and pass out. Sunday can wait. Tonight we are dreaming.



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