Why So Angry?

On my way back from dropping my partner off at work this morning, I stopped at an intersection. It was around 8:45am, raining and so things were pretty busy on the roads, and because of the layout of a particular street, cars were backed up all the way to the lights I was stopped at.

Some of the cars that figured there was enough time to cross the intersection were now stuck in the middle – and stuck in front of us.

Then, our light turned green and you wouldn’t believe the beeping! Someone in a big four-wheel drive was obviously impatient, and if he was allowed to, I’m sure he would have rammed the cars in order to turn right.

He did some twisting and turning and eventually made his way through, but by the time the cars cleared out of the way, our light had turned red.

I understand why you would be angry in that situation but that guy, wow. Just wow.

I realise that those cars were in the wrong, but where were they going to go? Beeping at them isn’t going to do anything. Besides, we only had to wait another couple of minutes for the lights to change again.

Are things really that important that you can’t wait? He wasn’t going in the direction of any hospitals… and he probably had to stop at traffic lights further up the street anyway.


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