Knee The Size Of A Mango

This little piggy was up early again this morning because she had to go to work. I didn’t start until 11pm, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The other little piggy in the household went out last night, and then I caught him up at 5am playing games on his computer.

Work was quiet. I spent time chatting to another casual that I hadn’t seen for a while. She asked me about my relationship and how I was able to live with my partner, and I asked her about what she wanted to do once she finished studying.

Her father encouraged her to travel as much as possible before she was “tied down” by life. I’m not sure how I feel about being 28 and having not done a lot of travel, although I can now say I’ve been to Tasmania, so, at least that’s something.

I am very glad my singing teacher cancelled the lesson this afternoon because I am absolutely exhausted – and I haven’t done a thing. This worries me because my knee is also the size of a mango, swollen and stiff. I think someone is getting in trouble from their body…

So I brought roses to apologise and I promise that I’ll pick up my game.


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