Up Early

This morning I kind of feel like a kid who is up too early for Christmas day, so I have to be extra quiet and wait for the rest of the family to wake.

Hi! I woke at 7:45am this morning because I went to bed early last night – I believe my head was on the pillow at 10pm. That is early for me…

…and I have no idea what time my partner got into bed, so I don’t particularly want to go in there and bug him.

I’m avoiding downstairs like the plague because as soon as you wake my bird Monkey up, that’s it – no one else in the house can sleep. He will make sure of it.

I’m not entirely sure what to do today.

There’s nothing I have to do.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely day. Here are some flowers to help brighten it!



3 thoughts on “Up Early

      1. I’m usually in bed at about 9:30, but it’s been a bit later in the last week because hubby’s in the hospital and I’m sitting up writing until about midnight (hubby’s okay – just a recurring niggle that needs to be fixed) 😉

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