Finally got my computer to work – I found the culprit that seems to be slowing everything down. Now it is in a time-out while I do more important things like back-up my digital stuff as I’ve just remembered how easy it is in this day and age to lose everything important in an instant.

Both my partner and I were at home today – I woke up feeling determined and he woke up feeling depressed. So, I cooked him breakfast in bed and let him laze around the house all day. I kind of wish he had these episodes on a day when I had to work, like tomorrow, so it wasn’t a drama if I needed a lift or anything. Oh well.

We cooked a delicious dinner together; squid (calamari), pasta, salad leaf mix and a butter garlic sauce. Yum yum! My partner covered the squid in a crispy rice flour, but in the cooking process it fell off – but, it was great because there were little bits of garlic-y, salty rice bits dotting the whole thing.

I’ve just made my mouth water again.

I watched the movie About Time, which I was totally expecting to be a chick flick – very much different. It’s more about family love, doing the right thing by your moral conscious and enjoying life to the fullest, than focused on romance.

I’d recommend watching it – I’m sure the book is way better, but if you don’t have time…

Anyway, I’m going to see if I can sort out this whole computer business. I’m sort of scared to, because everything is working again…



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