Time Is Flying

Has anyone else noticed how fleeting moments have been over the past couple of days?

I had two instances of it today.

The first time was in the car with my partner. He had picked me up after work, and we were on our street ready to turn into our driveway, when I thought; hang on, wasn’t I just at work a second ago?

I went to the supermarket when I got home, to buy myself a treat for doing so well at work, and when I was in the bathroom washing my hands after getting back I honestly wondered if I had left the house at all.

True, I wasn’t there for too long, but it literally felt like a second.

Last night I slept almost all night (woke up once I think) and in the morning I felt as though I hadn’t been asleep at all – as if I’d been in bed for 5 seconds and now it was time to get up.

Anyone else? Or is it just me…


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