For A Sunday At Work, It Was A Pretty Good Day

Morning started at 7:24am. I sit the snooze button in favour of going back to sleep – the night was rough and I tossed and turned – however I changed my mind about 1 minute in, knowing that if I went back to sleep and woke in 8 minutes I would feel even worse than I already did.

I read the SMS sent by my partner at 4am:

Let me know when you wake

I opened my door and began the trek, half naked, towards the stairs – but decided to check in with my partner. He had gone out, and I wanted to see what he wanted.

There, all passed-out-looking, was my partner. I wasn’t quite sure how to wake him, so I just stood there…


After a few moments, I spoke: “I’m here.”

As soon as the words came out of my mouth, he literally jumped in bed and wore a frown so very frown-y for about a minute.

“My friend is asleep on the couch downstairs, so don’t go down there naked.”

So I got ready for work as I normal did, but decided to eat breakfast when I got there.

The drive over was easy – not many people on the roads at 8am. I parked and went into the building to find I was the first one to arrive. I tried to log into the computer but failed enough times that I had to call I.T Support.

The day was pretty quiet – I did my usual customer service thing. Helped people, laughed with others, stood and listened to so many stories.

I made it for the whole day! It’s the first time since before the holidays that I’ve been able to handle a whole shift. I did feel my body start to over-heat at around 3pm, so I started all the techniques my acupuncturist has taught me to stop my brain from flipping out.

I was hardly tired, compared with me being totally brain-dead by the time I get home on other occasions.

My partner bursts through the door about 5 minutes after I arrive, with hot chips and a salad from Subway. This is his idea of “organising dinner” but I think he just looks too adorable, all sleep-deprived, to be picky.

5pm: off to my singing lesson. Sometimes, I really just don’t want to go – like in high school and having to go to my piano lessons. Yuck. Of course my stomach wasn’t happy because it was full of food and I was trying to push air in and out of it’s space. In all fairness, that would piss me off too.

However, I ended up having a really great time at the lesson. Instead of being overly shy and self-doubting, I just belted it out. My teacher is just super awesome. I’m enjoying the process of learning how to use my voice.



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