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Day To Lull

I woke today with that feeling like I shouldn’t stretch…

…but I stretched anyway and BAM! The most painful couple of seconds of your life, right there in a calf muscle. My muscle decides to tighten for no reason and won’t let go. Eventually it does on it’s own time, but those few moments are just agony.

A clear indication that I need more magnesium, and probably some potassium too (and also eat less candy.)

Well, it is Monday here. I’m not exactly sure what I should be doing. I’m sort of in a lull – it’s a couple of days before I go to work again, and it’s another week and a half before we get the keys to our new digs and move.

What does one usually do on a day off?

By the looks of this house, I think I’ll be spending most of the day cleaning. I have a pile – quite literally – of clothes on the floor that I need to sort and put away, the office floor is somehow dirtier after we organised our paperwork, the front garden is one half pruned, and of course the birds always make a mess under their cage.

I wish I could teach them to sweep.

Hopefully I’ll get some piano/songwriting in there somewhere.



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