You’re Just Driving A Luxury Car, That’s All

I’m not going to lie to you, I was feeling pretty terrible this afternoon after I picked my partner up from work. I walked into my room and plonked myself down on the bed – I started to get teary and then thought about what I could do to help myself feel better.

I decided to call my parents – not to whine about how I was feeling, but to take my mind off it. I always love to talk to my parents.

My father answers the phone and I ask him how everything is going. He tells me about the new Kangaroo families that are taking refuge in their gardens, and that the new bathroom should be finished this weekend – no more having to bathe in the bathtub!

Then, we get down to the crux of the matter – what was up with me?

I told him about the late night working, and the craving for sweets and how I was having no self-control and feeling terrible about it. He told me he understood (he has been very sick himself) and empathised how it must be hard to see everyone being able to eat “normally” and me having to put in a lot of effort – must be frustrating.

Then he said something that completely flipped my mood around.

“You know,” he said, “you’re just driving a luxury car. That means only the best oils and fuel – the other crappy stuff won’t do.”

I’d never looked at it that way before.

I have always looked at my intolerance’s as a weakness, because that’s how our society looks at illness. People only view their body as a temple if it is working well, and if it’s not, then it’s not a temple – it’s a shanty town that need a whole lot of work for it to be “perfect.”

So I wanted to share my father’s words of wisdom for any people out there who might be struggling with their health, and might have forgotten they’re driving a luxury car.

Only the best oil and fuel will do, and it just needs a bit more tender love and care.

Luxury-Car 1


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