Moving Doesn’t Fix Things

At the moment I’m wondering if moving will actually change anything, besides the fact that we’ll have $400 more a month in our pocket than usual.

You may say, “wow, that’s a big saving” but really, it’ll just be spent on useless things. It’ll disappear like the rest of the money we are supposed to be “saving.” It’ll just be an excuse to buy dinner instead of cook it at home, or buy a new coffee table even though we don’t need one.

Moving house is not going to change how we live – we take our habits and our traits with us. New space ushers in new energy for a while until you get stuck right back in that routine again.

We’ve just handed in an application for a place down the road from us.

At the moment it is a decision between us and another applicant.


It’s a nice place but I don’t know if it’s the right time – I really hope he doesn’t choose us, but shh, don’t tell my partner.


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