Oh Life, You Pain In The…

So much for my “I’m going on a detox tomorrow!” speech I gave to myself last night.

I woke this morning feeling like I had been at a slumber party in the 4th Grade; you see, I’m sleeping more often with my partner in order to “get used to it” but so far I just seem to be waking up more and more in the night, and this morning I was dead tired.

(I have been sleeping alone for a long time now because of my illnesses.)

Plus, he has been stealing my dreams!

I’m one of those weird people who has to dream in order to feel like I’ve had a good night’s rest. Lately my partner has been dreaming, which he hates, while I roll around in bed trying to get comfortable.

Anyway, so I’m dead tired and I’m trying to cram as much short-term energy into my body when I swore to myself that I would stay on the straight and narrow. Thankfully we don’t really have that much stuff in the house that’s considered bad for you and my partner hid the rest of the dark chocolate we brought from our holiday.

It’s also starting to cool down, temperature wise, so the hermit in me just wants to curl up on the couch with copious amounts of comfort food instead of do the things I should do, e.g. put in the effort to make a nice lunch, cook a pot of soup, get out on my bike and go for a ride in nature, write music, a little tender loving care on my physical body.

This is the time in your life you need a mother around. I need someone to tell me to “get up and go finish my art project!” or “clean up the front yard, it’s a disgrace!”


You know how you have one of those moments where you go grocery shopping, fill your trolley, only to have no cash or none of your cards work? Well we almost had that happen to us tonight – my partner checked his bank account before we made our way up to the check out and found that it had pretty much ran dry, a mere five days after being paid.

Thankfully I still had a stash of money that my mother gave me last Sunday when she helped me go to work, so I ran back to our house to grab it.

I am usually the one that comes to the rescue at this point with my card, but due to us going on holiday, and the way I am paid, meant that I had nothing too.

It’s really an embarrassing moment to think that you have absolutely no money.

So we are pretty much broke for the next week and a half – something that has never happened to me before. I have always had reserves to fall back on but not this time. I can’t ask my mother for more money either because she just paid my rent and, you know, I already asked her a week ago.


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