Quick, Fun Arty… Thing


Have a lot of magazines hanging around not doing anything?

Want to do something creative but have no idea what to do?

This is something we did in my first couple of art lessons in high school; not only does it help you to draw faces, but the whole object of the game is to put your own spin on it – if you want to.

Step One: Find a face in a magazine!

Make it a good-sized face.

Step Two: Cut the face in half and paste it on a piece of paper, or in your art book.


Step Three: CREATE!!!

Have fun. Draw what ever you want! If you want to try your hand at face drawing then try to complete the missing side exactly the same.

I decided she was secretly a caped crusader!


The best thing about this is it doesn’t have to be perfect. It took me about 5 minutes on each face, and the best thing was I was having fun.

This lady is apparently some kind of princess elf…


Go ahead. Grab those magazines and start drawing!


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