Just Say The Word

My partner came home today with a big announcement:

“I’m going to change one of three things in my life and you have to help me decide which one…”

“Ok,” I said.

“One: Change our living arrangements, aka, move…”

“Two: Change my job…”

He stares at me for shock factor…

“Three: Change my relationship. It’s been three years now…” he says, with a smile on his face.

My partner and I joke about breaking up all the time, so there’s little we can say to each other that we would take seriously. After talking a little about the options it turns out the third option has a lot to do with my partner “pushing” me to do things – lovingly, of course. We had a frank discussion about it all; how even though I have anxiety problems, that doesn’t mean I should let it decide my future.

“You have to start living your life,” he said.

He used boot camp on the cruise ship to get his point across:

“I thought I was pushing myself with training but once I started doing that camp I realised that I wasn’t doing anything at all.”

I told him that the cruise had also done the same for me. It opened my eyes to the fact that there were many things I could do in my day to day life but I was using anxiety as an “excuse” not to – I say “excuse” because I thought at the time that it was a legitimate reason, but having pushed so many boundaries on my week away I realise that it was all peanuts compared to what I could do.

Even though my partner said he wants to change “one of the three” I have a feeling he will probably change all of them, and I think I am happy about that.

“Just say the word and I’ll help you get going.”

Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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