I Miss Him

I miss my bird, Monkey.


We’ve been talking on the phone. Conversations go like this:

Me: Hello Monkey!


Me: Hiiiiii!


Me: How’s it going there?

Him: *makes chatty noises*

Me: Really?

Him: *makes more chatty noises*

Me: Miss you.

Him: *chatty noises that sound like he said ‘miss you’*

My parents laugh in the background

It always puts a smile on my face.

This morning I tried to go to the supermarket to get a few things but I turned around after a couple of metres. Yesterday I had a huge hangover from eating chocolate (it was rum and raisin, but I wouldn’t think it would affect me that badly) and so I think that is still affecting me today.

I didn’t feel like I could deal with any of it. Picking up stuff, going through the checkout, and coming home again. It all seemed like too much effort. I wasn’t anxious at all, I just didn’t have the mental energy to go through with it.

I had a dream early this morning about being in a classroom that had water constantly dripping from the ceiling, so I couldn’t concentrate or write anything down on my paper – as the paper was getting wet. So I looked up at the ceiling and the whole thing was water-damaged. I moved everyone (who were in the classroom) and we all watched as one of the lights gave-way with a huge gush of water following it.



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