The Curse of Never-being-able-to-finish-aritis…

Has been lifted!


Okay, my printer just printed something…

Oh, it’s just my Quinoa bake recipe. I thought it was some type of certificate of encouragement! We need more of those in adulthood, don’t you think?

Anyway, I woke before 7 AM this morning to go to a meeting and when I got home at 10 AM I was sooooo tired. Usually, if this happens, I hit the couch and fill my brain with TV shows or a movie, but I couldn’t sit still or get comfortable.

I didn’t feel bad that I would waste all day in front of the TV; I felt bad for wasting the day.

So, after wandering aimlessly, and singing with Monkey I decided to fulfill my hands’ desire to be creative and jumped in front of my painting. I am still trying to master smoke/cloud – to get it super realistic. I think my main problem is that I keep changing my light-source. I should cut out a little piece of post-it note and stick it on the canvas so I don’t forget!

When my back started to get sore, I came to the computer wanting to just sit and watch something on YouTube but my need for creative expression was too great. So I got out a drawing I started a couple of weeks ago and decided, nay I was determined, to get it finished!


I mean, it was only supposed to be a sketch! Don’t know how it turned into a major art project in my mind!

I am still really tired – if you asked me to cook dinner right now I might tell you were to stick it – but I’m feeling really good. Good enough to maybe even brave getting up early again and go lap swimming at the pool tomorrow!

Who knows!


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