Clean Bill

I went to see my health guy today, and was pretty much given the all clear. Unfortunately not the same as a normal healthy person, but up there!

My immune system has kicked up – my autoimmune disease is the lowest he has seen since I first came to visit in 2011. My guts seem to be repairing (finally!) and thus the amount of toxins in my blood is better.

The only downer is that my adrenal glands are under a lot of stress, but such is the life of anxiety. He explained that the glands are only designed for very short, spaced out jolts of fight or flight. Anything after 8 – 12 hours (or over a long period of time) and the Thyroid gets involved. Thus you start to loose weight, can’t sleep, get the shakes, can’t handle stressful situations, all the lovely stress symptoms.

So, he recommended Himalayan Salts, which apparently you can get at the supermarket – very high in a lot of stuff your Thyroid needs. It’s also called Rock Salt, which we do use, but apparently the pink kind is better? More minerals.

He says once I look after my Thyroid I should start to feel a lot more energetic.

It’s all good news and I guess I knew it was coming as I’m no longer waking with headaches, or fatigued, I can muster the energy to get things done; even small things like packing/unpacking the dishwasher. I’ve even had the energy to focus on my music too. My digestion has been way better (except for eating that ice cream – baaaaad idea) and I don’t get pains like I used to.

Often, when you’ve had a chronic illness, getting better is scary. Although you are sick to death of the illness you can’t imagine what to do with yourself after it’s gone. I’ve often used my illness as an excuse not to do things so I would think, “what will I do now?” because I’m use to it. It’s like coming home to find a completely different husband/wife in your bed.

I’m finally at the place where I am happy about getting better. It takes a lot of emotional growth to get here. There’s no longer that fear of being without a weird safety blanket, and it’s a relief to actually be happy about a health outcome.

Now I just have to see if I can get through a weekend of work.

Fingers crossed!


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