…because this blog is called ArtfulAnxiety, not just Anxiety.

I was listening to music last night. It got me swaying and moving, and most importantly, happy. I thought, what do I usually do in this type of situation?

I’m finally clear-headed enough to focus and concentrate and I didn’t feel like wasting time online.

So, I pulled out my old drawing folder and found something I started way back – probably 2006 – and never finished. I’d really like to see it finished.


I had a dream long before this about a brain that was trying to take over a city, Terminator style. It had wrapped itself around a building and would send out little brains to kill people (much like Futurama, only less smart) and when the brain realised it couldn’t get us all that way, it sent out wave of ice to freeze everything in the city.

Imaginations are so smart; I only just got that this morning.

“Ha!” I said. “BRAINFREEZE!”


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