Day Four: My Butt Has Gone To Sleep

Greetings from the other side of your computer screen!

We are 4 days into the new year. Has much changed for you?

I am still randomly sick at times – went home an hour early from work today. Getting to be quite annoying, I can tell you.

I’ve seen a lot of “New Year” type videos/posts/etc and the theme to 2014 seems to be…

*drum roll*

…cutting loose the dead weight; freeing ourselves from that which no longer helps us. It’s supposed to help us focus more on what is important and what really makes our hearts sing.

So far, I have done really well with focusing.

I have my story note book (new years promise is to write a one-paged story every day this year) and I am happy to say there are four stories (today being the 4th.)


I am 61 pages into my book. It’s pretty heavy stuff too, a lot of philosophy talk! Thank goodness I studied it at University. (Read the book my brother gave me for Christmas in one month.)


I have won the lottery!

I’m just kidding. That would be great, though, right?

Now I must go drink and be merry for my partner’s faux birthday party even though everything inside my body is awful to me.

Good day to you.



8 thoughts on “Day Four: My Butt Has Gone To Sleep

  1. I can really feel your frustration through your words and I wish I could say something to help that didn’t sound like a platitude. Sending love – genuinely!

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