How To Meet A New Housemate

Step One:

Give each other some space. Say hello, perhaps ask her a few questions, but let her get settled. For all you know she could of just spent the day in extreme heat and just needs to get her head on straight.


(perhaps you could try spying on her from behind your house decorations…)


Step Two:

Hang out together, act nonchalant when she’s talking. You are one cool dude and you have to make sure she gets that.


Step Three:

Check to see if she needs grooming. Nothings more welcoming, or friendly, than running your beak through her beautiful feathers.


Step Four:

Remember that she is feeling a little scared. It’s a new home, a new way of life, far from the country/city she came from. Try to be as accommodating as possible, even though it is your house.


Step Five:

Have a house party! No better way to get to know someone than to crack out the good millet and trash the joint!


If you get caught by the landlord, blame her!

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