Where Would I Go?

Nicole wrote a wonderful blog post, which I read just as I woke this morning.

So, I thought I would exercise my brain muscles and think about where I would go if I had no restrictions, food limitations, limitless cash, no health problems, etc etc.

1) Where would you be?

Image Credit: http://timsklyarov.com/new-york-city-aerial/

I would probably find myself in New York City. Why? Well, I hear that it has just about everything. All the different kind of foods I would love to try, great music everywhere, most of all the city would still be awake and ready when I am (aka, 2 am, when I’m itching to be entertained in some way.)

2) Who would you be with?

I guess if all of this anxiety stuff is irrelevant in my adventure then I would have to say I would go alone. I hear that alone is the best way to meet new people. Everything “new” and different I would love to experience.

3) What would you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

And snacks and tea time and midnight feast? I think I would constantly be eating. Like I mentioned, I think New York would have just about everything and so that’s what I would be eating (and washing it all down with chocolate!)

4) What would you do with your day?

Since I recently watched Brave, I think I would go horse riding.

Image Credit: http://thepixardaily.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/new-brave-tv-spot-and-poster.html

I would have to see a Broadway Play (or Off Broadway, don’t really mind) to see what all the fuss is about. The only musical I have seen live was Pirates of Penzance and I loved that, so I would love to get all wrapped up in a performance.

Image Credit: http://weheartit.com/entry/39857201/via/columbusmug

Of course it would have to snow. I haven’t been around snow much and it looks pretty magical in a city, I have to say. It’s going to be cold as all hell but in my adventure I’m not going to be able to feel it!

Image Credit: http://bingwallpaper.anerg.com/200912

And then I would walk around the park in Summer, eating ice creams and laying in the sun… then Autumn to watch the leaves fall… Spring to smell the flowers…

What I think I like most about going to New York City is not knowing just what is available. I’m sure there would be a surprise around every corner (just like going anywhere in the world.)

So, for today that is where my imagination flew off to.

Where would you go?

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