The Bad Day That Wasn’t


When I woke at 7:30 yesterday it was cold and rainy. No person in their right mind would get out of bed on a day like that, but we must work! I had to pretty much drag my partner out.

Right towards the end of getting ready, I went to grab some vegetables out of the fridge to make some snacks, and grab some tuna, but my partner was all, “we don’t have time for that!” So, we jumped in the car and he dropped me off at the bus station.

Just as I got there 2 of the buses I would catch were leaving and so I thought: damn, it’s going to be another one of those bus rides.

But it wasn’t, thankfully. It was raining as I got in to work so I had to walk along, eating my apple, in the rain. When I arrived at work I walked past the cafe on the way to my office and BAM – no cafe. We are having it re-done so I would basically have no lunch.

The day wasn’t going well, as you can well read. I pretty much braced myself for a bad day.


But then I thought of the cafe down the road who makes gluten-free bread (although every time I go there they are always sold out of it) so I rang them up and asked if I could order a sandwich. She was very nice and said no problem!

At lunch, when I went to pick up the sandwich it started to rain. Unfortunately I did have to wait in line for my sandwich and when I got it back to work, 15 minutes of my 30 min lunch break was gone. When I finally came to sit at my desk I opened up my lunch and there were 3 sandwiches! (I’ve already eaten one in the picture)


Gluten-free bread is often quite small, so it would make sense, but at my workplace’s cafe I would have to pay $8 for a gf roll that was only the size of one! This put a smile on my face.

The rest of the day was alright. It was very slow at work and towards the end I was getting very tired. On the walk back to the bus stop I started feeling very dizzy. Thankfully I was only standing there for about 2 minutes before the bus came along. The ride was very quick – hardly any stops – and it wasn’t packed, so everyone sat comfortably.

When I got home with my partner he started to cook dinner – I didn’t have to do anything besides sit like a zombie. I was going to call my parents in order to start paying back the money they lent to me for the car, but I got sidetracked with food.

About an hour later I grabbed my phone to see 2 missed calls from them. I called back and got a bit of a shock.

“We’ve been talking and we’ve decided that for a birthday present you don’t have to pay us the money back.”

Umm… whaaaa?

“But we want to pay you the money back.” I said.

“No, don’t worry about it. Just put it in savings or something.”

The whole conversation went back and forth like this for a while until I finally gave up. So, my partner and I have decided to buy them a gift instead. I’m thinking a new T.V, considering the one they have makes funny high-pitched noises and still has a box on the back of it (and, also, the fact that I remember it being there when I was still living at home.)

So the day didn’t end up too bad.

At the moment I’m sitting here with my back all taped up from seeing the sports massage guy this morning. Feeling a lot better but can’t bend over and pick anything up for the life of me…


I’m going to go give Monkey some attention, I think he is lonely (or I just made him look lonely in this picture…)



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