Fuzzy Today

I sat in the sun at work today and wished I could have just spent the rest of the day there…


…this morning I woke feeling very odd. I have no idea why. You know that feeling you get before you have to do something really important? Like give a speech or start at a new job? Except I was doing nothing like that. My partner reassured me that everything would be fine.

The bus ride was the worst I’ve had for a while. Usually they come pretty frequently on my route but this one was like a ghost bus; nothing before it for what seemed like eons and nothing behind it. Of course that means people start accumulating at the bus stops – what should be separated out becomes a clump. There were about 5 conversations happening at once, the loudest seemed to be right next to me. There was a very loud baby on board. I don’t want to have to say it, but, yes, someone also smelt.


I didn’t let that deter me though. I remembered an idea that I had the day before:

Try to be my excited, happy, smiling self no matter what is going on.

I dragged my feet on the way to work: the sun was so warm and friendly. At work it seemed like everyone was already over the day and because I seem to mirror almost everything I see I went along with it. The hours also seemed to drag their feet.

Just on lunch time I went to the cafe to buy a sandwich (I had, probably in autopilot, put my can of tuna back in the cupboard at home instead of keeping it in my food bag) but there were none. I asked the lady at the counter… “No, no sandwiches.”

I ended up buying a fruit salad and 2 brownies just in case I needed something to actually fill my stomach. I had made a salad but that was supposed to be padded out by tuna.

At around 3pm I walked past the cafe to find, THEY HAD SANDWICHES!



Thankfully my darling partner picked me up from work. The car ride home was different because he didn’t drive like the race-car-speed-demon he usually is. We cooked dinner together and then watched a movie.

After all this I am really hoping it is a beautiful day tomorrow.

Now that I have my new reliable car I have been more adventurous. I decided to get out of the house yesterday and sit by the lake. It turned out to be a great idea because I came up with some nice lyrics and didn’t feel so critical.


Right how I feel so sleepy that I am all warm and fuzzy inside.

I have no idea what today was trying to be.


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