Cold, Hot, Paint

Saturday night/Sunday morning was freezing!

The cold came in to my room silently… could have been there for hours… and at 6 am gently nudging me from my slumber and whispered:

“Hey, it’s freezing in here. Oh, and you have to go to the bathroom, so, have fun with that.”

I tried to ignore those words… but alas, I had to get up. It was 6 am and I should have just stayed out of bed but I decided to chuck on another blanket and get my warmth back.

On the health front with my partner there have been a couple of tanties (tantrums) in regard to eating healthy… mostly mine… I have to admit, though, I woke up on Sunday feeling better than Saturday. A giant headache followed me around on Saturday while I was visiting an old friend, going grocery shopping, etc. I mean, yeah, I shouldn’t really eat hot fries from a take away but I WANTED THEM… *shy face*

In other news I have a renewed interest in painting, or being artistic in general. I’ve started a new painting for my friend – the old one, I wasn’t feeling at all – and then I decided to put some of my weird drawings to canvas. I guess I would describe them as “tribal” except… not… if that makes any sense.

Then when I am done, maybe someone out there might want them?


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