Starting Over

A couple of things happened.

1) My partner and I made a pinky promise that as of today, we’re going to look after our health. This came after “date night” where we ended up with pizza and ice cream as our dinner and then watched a movie at home. My partner ended up eating an entire pizza AND all of his ice cream, I ate a little over half my pizza and 3/4 of my ice cream. That is in no way acceptable considering I am still trying to get my body right after years of illness and my partner is into his 30s now.

The kicker is that we decided on pizza and watching a movie at home because we are low on funds, however that meal ended up costing us $50 – we could have easily gone to somewhere nicer for that amount.

It’s just laziness. I think we forget we’ve got a perfectly good motivation buddy right in the same house, but look past that.

“No more pizza and take away… forever!” my partner said.
“I don’t think it should be forever…”
“Hey, do you want to do this right?”
I nodded my head.

2) I was feeling down yesterday. I can’t tell if it is because of that whole seasonal depression thing or the fact that I feel really unfulfilled.

Thankfully my partner laid down with me to talk things out and he was quite wise. He said we were getting stuck in another rut; he was doing it too. He gets home, we have something to eat (I mean, if we’re feeling really energetic) and then it’s straight to the computer. Granted, he has been doing some of his online sites among playing games on FaceBook, but I just come up here because I’ve got nothing else to do. I’ve even started playing the Sims again and that’s dangerous. My partner is paying for a gym membership and not going, EVEN THOUGH the gym is literally around the corner.

He said it would be a good idea to find more things outside of the house to do together. I think tonight we are going to sit down and make a shopping list for groceries and then figure out a game plan.

3) “The Car Dealer is going to take a look at your car on the weekend.”

Umm, what?

So, last weekend I went to look at cars with my partner. We liked a car so much that I ended up putting a deposit on it. So, I am buying a car. It’s bigger than what I had in mind, however it is hard to find a smaller car in my budget that’s not a manual (not a manual because the last thing I want to be thinking about if I feel anxious in the car is changing gears.)

Anyway, the only thing left to do is get rid of my car. We had a couple of people respond to an ad but it didn’t seem like they were serious. So, my partner comes home yesterday and says he spoke to the Dealer. Hopefully they can give us something for it but they have to check it out first. If anything I think my wonderful car will become spare parts.


Now I am going to say true to our deal and not spend the rest of the day on the computer.

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