Soup anyoned?

Well hello there, welcome!

Come in!

I’ve just put the soup on. Can you smell the sausages and herbs mixing with the colourful vegetables? Soups are my favourite; do you like them too? It will probably not be ready for another hour or so.

Sit! Sit! Make yourself comfortable. I won’t take your jacket ’cause I’m sure you can find a place for it.

My partner? He is upstairs. He is starting to feel pain from his surgery and feeling a bit out of it. I sat next to him earlier and he couldn’t even stay awake to talk.

I would stay away from me. Today the doctor told me that, yes, I have the flu. Apparently I will be alright for work on the weekend, though, so thank god for that. My ears are starting to ring and I’m losing dah abilidy do breahe oud my noze.

My pardner alwadzs sdeals my dunder.

Purhaps youd’d bedder go. Would’dnt wand you do ged sick.

I’ll send dhe soup in dhe mail.




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