Pink, Purple and Huh?

Today was a “flowers” day.


It was also, apparently, a pink and purple day.

I don’t know; I am still waking up feeling like crap and, yes, I am still promising myself that today I will eat nothing but healthy things! and then eat Ice Cream cake and fried chicken/chips for dinner.

What the hell is wrong with me?

The day was kind of weird too. I went to an exhibition that I have been excited to see for about a month now and just turned out to be a couple of glass cabinets of random stuff. I then forgot to by a very nice mix of tea leaves which I am running out of and can only buy in the city.

Towards the end of the day I spoke to my ex-boyfriend (we are still friends) to organise catching up. Conversation went like this:

Me: Can you to come and visit me? I’m not feeling my best and it would be easier.
Him: That would be fine.
*insert me explaining how to get here and him explaining that he will probably ride*
Me: As long as you get here before 12, cause I was thinking we could go to the markets but they finish at 12.
Him: Ok, could it be before 12 then? If so what time?


You serious, bro?

I just said to get here before 12, and obviously, if the markets CLOSE at 12 any time BEFORE then would be fine.

I am seriously wondering what I was thinking back then. He is a great guy but if something doesn’t rate on his high-level important list then good luck to you… I’m also wondering why people don’t Google things as much as I do – I mean, how to get to a place, etc. To me that’s just weird.


And as night fell my partner and I decided to get my car running again. After the jump start it was fine again, as usual. We dropped off some recycling, went to buy a toaster (we didn’t end up choosing one) and then brought our dinner. Before heading home I wanted to check my tires. I knew at least one of them was a little under-pumped but boy, was I wrong.

It was down to 18. My tires should be between 34-38.

Sometimes you just have to stop and ask yourself what the hell you are doing.


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