Relationship Monsters

This is me when I’m not in a relationship:


This is me when I am in a relationship:


I think this is rather universal – I mean, it is always joked about in movies and on TV shows – but I hate it.

It literally JUST. HAPPENS.

This whole topic came about after I read a long quote from Oprah W. It was directed to the relationship between a man and a woman. Mostly just stating that what you have to be happy with is yourself first – put yourself first. Don’t try and change a man, if you’re not happy and waiting for change, don’t. Have fun in a relationship. Don’t go into a relationship thinking that someone else is going to complete you – a relationship should be two WHOLE people “complimenting” each other, not “supplementing.”

Me, in the first picture; I’m calm, happy and feeling good. I didn’t draw absolute happiness because I’m not absolutely happy by myself. Everybody needs someone; anyone. Either way, I’m happy because I don’t “expect” anything, I’m not in need for someone to do anything to make me happy.

Me, in the second pictures; I’m not coping very well in a relationship. I, again, don’t “expect” anything but am consciously aware that I’m not getting as much as I could be. Sharing space is hard; why won’t he pick up after himself? Why doesn’t he give me foot rubs like he used to? I would like to be alone tonight but he is always here. I am also a control freak so if he is taking too long to do something – to get out of the house, fix something, cook the diner – I freak out. I could do them all myself but then I would be doing everything, and no one wants to do EVERYTHING.

All things that I don’t want to do, but tend to just do anyway. Relationships make me feel weird – I have no idea what I’m supposed to feel but I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be a mother to a grown man.

How does everyone out there deal with their relationship monsters?


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