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18 degrees cold

So Christmas was cold. 18 degrees cold. Boxing Day was no different, besides the fact that the sun came out a little in the afternoon.

Over the whole of Christmas; the presents, the friends, the food, the trips, I only managed to take one photo…



…it is Dallas having a bath.

Because outside dogs are often a bit stinky. If it looks like he isn’t enjoying it, I assure you, he is…n’t. When do animals ever enjoy getting wet? Well, besides our old bird, who would have a shower with my partner and stand in front of the hair drier.

The other two = my father and my brother. They have matching beards. I’m 98% sure that wasn’t orchestrated…

While Christmas was fun, it wasn’t really anything to write home about. I spent Christmas day with my partner and another couple and enjoyable as it was, it wasn’t really the same without my family. Actually, do you know what I think it was? The lack of sky rocking temperatures. I know that sounds weird but I really, really missed going to bed with just a sheet on and spending the day resting on the couch with family in the unbearable heat.

It’s that funny?





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