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We Are Family!

Partner and our birdie make three!

My partner had a pet cockatiel named “Monkey” but unfortunately she passed away when the jerk who was meant to be looking after her failed to do so.

darling monkey


We both loved her so much.

So when the pet store nearby rang us to say they had a new baby from their in-store parents, we jumped in the car and went to see him.

And, like many proud parents, I have already filled up my smart phone with numerous pictures. Observe:


He is not fully hand-raised: he kind of hisses at you (like the old Monkey) and he calms down enough to relax and then he is off into the Christmas tree. However we only got him yesterday and already he is letting my partner give him “cuddles” – which is what is happening in the last photo. My partner has a way with birds… I’m jealous.

I’ve been sort of tired lately, hence the lack of posts. Hopefully that’ll all pick up in the New Year.

If I don’t see you, Happy (and safe) Holidays to you!


9 thoughts on “We Are Family!

  1. Pretty bird. I once owned a pure white cockatiel. I loved it. Happy Holidays to you and your partner and your new baby! May the new year bring you more progress and happiness.

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