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Night Out, Classy Style

I went to an exhibition opening tonight with my partner and it is one of those occasions where you sort of have to be invited or pay a lot of money for a ticket. Why were we there? Well, we won a couple of tickets in a charity auction.

I learnt a lot.

For example; if there is a well-respected celebrity in the room one does not make a huge fuss about it.*

Also, if you ask for any type of drink from the caterers they’ll pretty much find it for you.

It was actually really great to experience something so different. I haven’t been to a function like that since I was in university and even then it didn’t feel as grand. I am usually on the other side of it all as well – I am the help rather than the fancy crowd.

As my partner and I looked over the famous art he spotted an “old teacher” that he wanted to go and say hello to. Turns out this teacher was actually someone from my work – and that’s why he knew him. My partner was a security officer at my work (it was how we met) and security know everyone, you know how it is.

He introduced me and the man shook my hand, and then sort of did a double-take. “Oh, it’s you!” he said. “You look totally different.”

Let’s just ignore the fact that I was wearing a dress, heels and make-up for a second; it wouldn’t really be all that hard to fool people outside of work because I, and my other co-workers, have to wear a uniform. I think the minute I even let my hair out after work would have people fooled.

I still haven’t got the hang of mingling – my partner wanted me to mention to everyone that I was a musician, but it’s not really who I am yet.

I’m pretty sure a few men went away from that exhibition thinking I was legally blind. I do have trouble reading the descriptions and have to be up fairly close. So I would say to my partner, “what’s that?” So he proceeded to explain what the painting was – like, actually tell me what was ON THE CANVAS. I said, “no, the plaque NEXT to the painting. I can SEE the painting.” He proceeded to exclaim, “it’s not my fault you’re legally blind!”

See, even in a classy situation we have trouble hiding our true selves.



*The celebrity was Barry Humphries. I know. I was like, no way! And my partner was all, yes way!


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