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Ricey Diary

Does anyone out there like Twitter?

I do, although I do get quite bored with it, and only follow 37 other accounts – about 5 of which I know personally.

Before I went to sleep last night I decided to have a quick look over all of my old tweets, and I found that it is a very accurate account of when I did things in my life. For example;

142 days ago today I went out to dinner for the first time since the Agoraphobia.

342 days ago I couldn’t face going past 50 metres from my apartment complex – I stood looking out the window thinking, “I’ll never be able to be like them again.”

I mean, of course I would get over it. Not only had I already been through this all before but I’m a human being, and humans are resilient.

Twitter is like a mini diary, except you don’t have to read long winded entries about feelings – it’s a short statement, often with a picture (wow, I can see my 3 year ago self really shine right now) and a day that you posted it out to the world.


But speaking of going out to eat; last night I had my first drops of alcohol in a long time. My partner and I went to get our taxes done, and afterwards I didn’t really feel like going home and cooking fish again (although I do love my fish and vegetables.) The ever stylish man that is my partner suggested a fast-food option which I am usually okay with, but I definitely needed something better than that – if not for the food, then for the atmosphere and sophistication.

So we settled on a Japanese restaurant which was a) quite and b) delicious. My partner wanted me to try Sake, but I was a bit apprehensive. I don’t particularly want to drink alcohol but at the same time I miss bonding over it. So, he made me choose one (I may as well have closed my eyes and pointed) and before I knew it, there was the Sake.

Then it hit me: the familiar smell of fermentation. I’ve smelt this before – wine! I was the terrified that it would contain all of the preservatives etc that I am allergic to (and gives me one hell of a headache, even when I’m still drinking it.) Thankfully, we have devices these days where we can jump on the internet and look things up, so I looked up Sake + preservatives.

Did you know that it is illegal to put any preservatives in Sake? I didn’t, but I am glad!

Rice for me, being intolerant to wheat, is my go-to grain. Everything I eat is rice based: Rice cakes, Rice noodles, Rice pasta (yes, it exists, thank goodness) which yes, does get old fast, but it’s a little like anxiety – once you accept it, it’s easier to get just on with things.

The other great thing about the Sake we had was it hits you in all the right pleasure places but in about 20 minutes time, the effects have worn off and there are no terrible pains, aches or regrets.

I love rice.



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