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A Million Places

Howdy out there in Internet-land.

I was just going through my stuff because I still have a LOT of it, and I decided to try and put all my drawings in the one place. I’m that kind of person who makes a million notes/drawings in a million different books so no wonder I’m carting around so much.

So, I thought I would share with you some of them. They are all old, meaning I didn’t draw them within the last year or so, but still fun to share.


This guy is some sort of alien dude. It was while I was exploring the depths of the human skeleton, but thankfully for him, he got to keep his skin on.


Like I said, exploring how the body works. There are a lot of other sketches but I don’t know where they are.


Got into drawing reptiles.


I love this dragon. I actually painted a huge picture of this one, but the image isn’t my own – it comes from some dragon tarot cards.


Here is an idea I had completely forgotten about. It was going to be a painting of a Dragon and a Phoenix standing off against each other. That might possibly happen one day.


This is from one of those mannequin folks you can get in art shops – you can manipulate the limbs in different positions to get an idea of how a person might look. This was my first, and last, attempt using one.


Just popping a bit of fun into the day with Mr Piggy here.


You notice how this guy isn’t finished? Well, I felt so creeped out drawing this one that I couldn’t finish him. I couldn’t even bare looking at this picture again. If I picked up the art book to draw, I would always quickly flip past. Never really sure why.


Lastly, a nice calm, relaxing landscape. I don’t like landscape, but this one was okay to do.

Now I must continue on. This house is not going to clean itself – definitely not when my partner is glued to the xboxamatron.


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