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I have spent today loading up the car once more with storage containers, ready to ship them over to the new place and be further worn out.

In the midst of this, I painted my fingernails…
do you think anyone will notice?

I actually think it’s all Hilarie’s doing, because her nails look so beautiful I wanted to do my own. Mine are no where as nice as hers. I used to paint my nails black back in high school, but got pretty bored with it after they just kept getting chipped off. This was before there was such a concept as “Emos” – it was more like a “punk rock” thing at that stage. I remember my brother used to borrow my black nail polish, failing that he would just colour them in with a black marker.


So, I work tomorrow and I have also spoke to my health guy who is going to test my body for toxins again. All this fatigue and various other glorious things can’t be normal, even for an autoimmune problem.

The biggest pain in the butt at the moment is having your possessions in two different places. I have to wash my uniform tonight, which was fine, however I left our washing powder at the other place. Thankfully our new house is near a small shopping centre, so my partner encouraged me to walk over and get some.

I have to admit to you all, I was scared. Mostly because I have been so lazy at pushing my anxiety boundaries, nothing more. So, I walked over, heading into the supermarket to grab what I needed. I was a little surprised that I didn’t even have a raised heartbeat while in there.

Seems I do a lot better than I give myself credit for.


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