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Worn Out Spiders

I think, as a social rule, that if you’re going to have a house party in a built up area, then you should invite all your neighbours. That way, if they can’t sleep because of the noise from said party, and the snoring of their significant other, they can come over and chill out.

What do you think?

It’s been super hard to chill my partner out. He is like me in the sense that if we have an important job to do, we won’t stop until it is done. We were so worn out last night after dinner, but my partner wasn’t wanting to quit. That was until he stopped to read some comics while he waited for me to get ready to go, and ended up passing out.

At that point my words “maybe we should finish up for the day” hit home.

I stayed up a little longer, watching Bear Grills get himself out of harsh planetary environments and finally reserved myself to going to bed. At one point I had a dream there was a poisonous spider/bug in the bed, but it was one of those ones where you’re half asleep half awake, so I thought it was actually in the bed. So realistic, in fact, that I woke my partner up claiming it was there and pulled out my phone to search for it in the covers.

I didn’t actually think I was that worn out!


3 thoughts on “Worn Out Spiders

  1. I HATE those kinds of dreams! That is just the worst feeling to thing there are bugs in your bed, and be so sure of it. Makes it worse that your partner or spouse is looking at you like your crazy. Although, I’d guess I’d rather it be a nightmare than real!

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