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Livestock and Wildlife

Day 3

Livestock are weird. I mean how, how, do they manage to get into places you can’t get them out of. I had to chase around 2 lambs (and not the cute baby kind, the teenage kind) in our drive way today. I opened a gate to get them back in the paddock, so again, not too sure how they got in a forbidden area to begin with.

I tried my best to paint but I didn’t really get anywhere. I kept staring at the canvas wondering what to do. The setting was beautiful, but all I could think of was going out and laying in the sun. So, I did just that. Hoping that tomorrow I can be a little more successful than pulling all my paints out of my paint box.


Truthfully, I didn’t do all that much today. It was mostly introspective. I practised a little tai chi in the garden, tried some meditation (it is really hard to get your mind to shut it) and almost fell asleep on the grass with beautiful parrots eating seeds around me.

It’s dinner time now, but I’m not sure what to do. Kind of wishing I had a personal chef right now.


2 thoughts on “Livestock and Wildlife

  1. I love these daily updates. Lazy days in the sun are wonderful, when you can manage them.
    Years ago I raised goats. It is said that the quickest way to find a weakness in a fence is to put a goat inside it. They manage to fid all the ways out very quickly. It sounds like your lambs have a little goat in them.

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