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Holidays are great

I think it’s about time for a post.

I’ve had a wonderful time down the coast. The place we stayed in was looked after by an interesting couple who were from Germany. Thus, they had some in common with my partner and we became friends easily. We were also the first people to arrive for the long weekend (a day early) so there was a lot of talking.


Our friends also stayed at the coast too, so we spent some time together eating, zoo-ing, relaxing. On the first day, we went for a bush walk. I loved it, being back in the wilderness.




My partner and I went to an old gold rush museum, which was pretty cool. Anything in the bush is awesome to me anyway. Oh, and also there was a little mile we could explore…



There were also self-important geese. Gotta love those geese!


And those geese aren’t scared at all of dam-dwelling sharks!


And… people have see a million pictures taken at a zoo, so we’ll skip those…

I really enjoyed eating at restaurants every day and night. It’s great being coastal because all the food (generally) is freshly caught. My stomach also held up well.

Now, let’s relax by the fire and chill out. For a long week of doing absolutely nothing (besides detoxing from all those lollies I ate from the candy shop.)

5 thoughts on “Holidays are great

      1. I have seen some really cool natural ones, I forget where, in the U.S. though. They had stalagtites and stalagmites…though I have probably spelled those wrong. If you like being underground, you’d probably love those real natural caves- so super incredibly magical, and great for artsy photos or inspiration!

      2. That’s so cool! Can’t wait to see pictures when you do go..maybe I’ll find some here as well. Such a magical experience,at least when I was tiny, and I”m sure it still is. It was like “woah, there’s a world under our world? how cool!”

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