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Leave Your Judgement At The Door

This weekend has been a little full on.

Saturday was spent driving around all day looking at rental properties. I found it quite fun, but by the afternoon I was completely out of it. My brain was running a mile a minute and I couldn’t even shut my eyes to have a nap.

I ended up having to bail on a trivia night (I love trivia nights) and even sitting at home watching a movie seemed too much. Thankfully it didn’t roll into today, besides a notable lack of energy that I have had over the last couple of days. My partner and I went to inspect a house in more detail, and then travelled over to an embassy open day which was full of people. I didn’t mind, to tell you the truth, but I did get sick of standing in the sun and when people started actually touching me, I knew it was time to go.

I went to see my health guy, and he says my chronic illness has flared up again. I didn’t really need anyone to tell me that; the pain and cramps, not to mention the weight loss are all a pretty clear indication. I could feel peoples eyes on me at the festival – at first I thought it was because I looked exceptionally beautiful today 😉 but then I realised that what I see in the mirror is also what they can see.

That’s why I never judge. I don’t know what people have been through, what problems they might have, that has caused them to be the way they are. I know people judge me for how thin I am, and possibly judge me even more if I sit down to eat a salad. When I went to an open house, one of the ladies there gave me the old “up-and-down” look with a not-so-pleasant look on her face. Some of my partner’s friends are holding back a “just eat some more food!”

I’m keeping this short, because my brain is going south a little right now, but I mostly just wanted to encourage everyone, anyone, to spend a day trying not to be so judgemental of others. They could be like me – sick, tired, searching for comfort, battling some kind of illness or outside extreme. Doesn’t mean you have to go up to them and be awkwardly friendly but just say something nice about them in your mind, and give them a smile, even if it seems like they don’t need it.

And I realise that our brains are wired to make judgements the second you see something, but brains can always be re-wired.



10 thoughts on “Leave Your Judgement At The Door

  1. Here’s your smile and kind thought from Scotland. {{ 🙂 }}.
    You will see in my next post that we have been thinking along the same lines. You cannot judge people from just one look or from a simple label. There is always so much more there.

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