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Because I love you all

Well, as I suspected, the last two days have been normal; apart from the odd “it’s your birthday” from my partner.

Monday, however, I did get my stitches out…



Why did I show you my chin? Because I love you, that’s why.

It looks pretty good now.

I also seem to have gotten something else when I went to the doctors surgery…

A cold!

I wake almost every morning with a stuffy nose, but this morning I was thinking, this is a different kind of stuffy…

Now I’m laying in bed thinking true cold-suffering thoughts, such as:

No one has ever suffered more than I!

Pure drivel.

I can’t help but let my mind wander back to my childhood days, when I would receive the royal treatment from my parents every time I was sick.

Then, it occurs to me that it’s sort of sad if some of my warmest memories as a child were when I was ill. I guess that’s the price you pay for owning a terribly weird but totally loveable body.

The light is hurting my delicate eyes, so I’ll bid you all a good night. Here’s hoping I wake up on the right side of health.

4 thoughts on “Because I love you all

  1. Here’s to waking on the right side of health.
    The doctor did a good job stitching up your chin. It is healing quite nicely. I can tell it was a mess when you first hurt it. Thanks for sharing the picture. I needed an eeeewwww moment today.
    The bad thing about a cold is that you feel like you are going to die, but you know you won’t, and that you will have to suffer through it till the end.
    You’ll be OK and it gives your partner an excuse to baby you. Not really a bad deal, whne you think about it.
    Feel better soon.

    1. Yes, the doctor was great at the whole chin thing – my partner kind of made me freak out when he said the doctors hand was shaking.
      I wish my partner was babying me! He spent the whole day at home doing work stuff, and I had to look after myself! I even had to cook dinner – if I left it up to him I would be waiting forever.
      Thanks for the well-wishes!

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