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And So It Starts…

My weekend started with my partner leaving for yet another business trip (only a day journey this time) so I invited my parents over to hang out (because I have no friends… no, just kidding, it’s because I love them.)

They didn’t show up until about 12:30 and I so I decided to take them out to lunch EVEN THOUGH I felt like vomiting every 5 minutes. Yes, the antibiotics have done a number on my insides yet again but I’d have to say I’m coming to terms with it a little better this time – most likely due to knowing what it is that upset it.

I found a new cafe that I wanted to try out, and so we piled into the car and turned up at a small gallery. The cafe was full – the cafe being only a room the size of a master bedroom – and when we sat down, I could tell my father wasn’t happy. So, I asked if we could sit outside (the only reason we didn’t in the first place was all the tables were “packed up”) and she said, “by all means, yes!”

Once we were away from all that chatter, it was very pleasant. The sun was out (unfortunately, so was the wind) and we had a nice little chat while waiting for our food. It was absolutely delicious.


Even my parents liked the food, and they are hard people to please.

Afterwards I felt very queazy. My father wanted to stop off somewhere, but my stomach was making me want to just curl up in bed. It’s odd going from “I can eat in public again!” to avoiding it.

Most of the afternoon was filled with napping and more chatting. My parents decided to stay the night so it was nice to have them there. Sort of felt like home again. My partner arrived at about 9:30, and soon after that, everyone pretty much went to bed.

Then came Sunday. The exciting day!

You see, my partner has decided to make it my birthday for a whole week. So far, it isn’t much like you see in the movies – I mean, there are a team of people thinking up all these odd-ball things for the actors to do – but I absolutely loved having a “surprise.” Actually, my partner booked 2 surprises.

The first was to go and watch the new Batman movie at the cinemas. It was actually the first time I’ve been there for at least a year and a bit. I was so excited.

Unfortunately for me, the seats were right up the front. From a whole week of holding my chin up so I wouldn’t hit it on anything, the muscles were very stiff and sore.

Also, thanks to those pesky antibiotics, I was unable to enjoy much cinema food. It was a great movie none-the-less and I was excited to be out.

We came home at around 2pm, but my partner informed me that the next surprise started at 3pm. So, there was a little regrouping (a.k.a me trying to put something in my stomach) and then we were off. I had an idea of where we were going – my partner tried to hide it as well as he could – but we went to the zoo!


This little guy is apparently the most aggressive of all bears. So cute tho!


Again, so cute. I just adore animals.


Beautiful dingo. I like the fact that they can bring these animals up to you, but sometimes it kind of takes the whole “in the wild” experience away from you – especially since some of the animals are so used to being fed that it was just like being on the farm again…

A farm with giraffes…


Oh, come on, gimmie a kiss!

I also got to feed a lion. A big, white lion. He was a bit stubborn – he would lay on the ground and wait for you to put the meat down close to him so he didn’t have to move. At one point he stared directly into my eyes and I felt like I was looking at, what I can only describe as, God. Seriously. Those eyes just go straight through you.

We also fed a bear – well, let a bear lick stuff off our hands through the fence.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. If it actually was my birthday day, then it would have been the best yet!


8 thoughts on “And So It Starts…

  1. It is so nice to have someone special who will do extra things to make your birthday extra special. Have a great birthday week!

  2. Awesome idea ^_^ A birthday week, ❤ it! Hope you have an awesome one too. Love the giraffe photo too, world's coolest ungulate!

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